Rules and Policies


All visitors must check-in at the office and must leave by prior to quiet time – NO EXCEPTIONS!


Limit is two per campsite.

Pets must be cleaned up after and not left unattended. Dogs must be kept leashed and excessive barking will not be tolerated. Aggressive dogs are not permitted. All dog owners must provide proof of Rabies vaccination. You are liable if your pet bites anyone.  

Quiet Hours

 Excessive Noise at any time is not permitted.

11:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. Daily

 Please keep voices low and lights to a minimum. Radios should not be heard outside of your campsite. Camper’s that need to be repeatedly spoken to after quiet hours will be asked to leave the campground with no refund.

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to roam the property alone after 10 p.m.

Firewood and Campfires

We do not allow any outside firewood to be brought in. It is illegal to bring firewood into the state of Maine due to the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer and many other bugs that can be transported from non-kiln dried firewood. The heating process not only dries out the wood, but also kills the dangerous bugs that can be spread. The beauty of our surroundings would be heavily impacted should our trees ever contract these bugs.

We realize that a bonfire is an integral part of the camping experience; therefore we try to keep the cost of our wood as reasonable as possible.

All campfires are to be kept within a campground approved ring and may never be left unattended. No moving of fire pits is allowed.

Do not remove branches or bark from live trees, nor cut down any trees. You may collect and burn dead fall.

Please observe any fire condition notices posted in the camp store.

Do not put your trash in fire pits. However, it is o.k. to burn paper products. 

General Policies

Sites are only large enough to accommodate one vehicle. The speed limit is 5 mph in the campground. ATV's are to be used for in and out travel only and not at all during quiet hours. Anyone operating an ATV must have a valid license/permit to do so. 

Any garbage cans on Camper’s site must have a sealed lid. All garbage must be disposed of in the dumpster when leaving the Campground at the end of each of the Camper’s stays. Campground dumpsters are for garbage generated ONLY while staying on the premises.  

No firearms or fireworks are permitted on campground property. 

Young children must be supervised when using playground equipment, campground store, showers, or other facilities, and must wear a helmet when riding a bike in the campground. 

Tobacco use, smoking, vaping or electronic cigarettes are prohibited in any common areas.

Swift River

Swimming is allowed at your own risk.  We do not have lifeguards on staff.

Kayaks, canoes and tubes are allowed at your own risk.

Fishing is allowed with a Maine State fishing license.

Pick up after yourself. Do not leave any trash or debris along the shoreline or in the water.