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Mt. Blue state park

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Between 18,000 to 14,000 years ago the site that would become Mt. Blue State Park was covered in glacial ice sheets creating the beautiful valleys and Lakes the state park enjoys today. These ice glaciers created Webb Lake. Native Americans later used the area for hunting and trapping. However, most permanent settlements were placed closer to the coast where rivers and lakes were more common to find food. In 1798 the first farm was established in the area by foreign settlers. Thirty years later the lower slopes of the area had been cleared of their trees. By the 1900 the farms were abandoned for other lands. Mt. Blue became a park finally in the 1930's when the federal government bought the land as part of the U.S. Resettlement Administration Land Utilization Project. In 1955 the property was transferred to State and Mt Blue became a state park and throughout the years has expanded since.

Today visitors can enjoy this lush forest and lake with its many activities. For those wanting a hiking challenge Mt. Blue State Park has a plethora of trails. One of their harder trail is the Mt. Blue Trail. This 3-4 hour hike climbs Mt. Blue itself and provides the most scenic views the park has to offer. It is the perfect trail for birdwatchers or wild flower enthusiasts. For a more leisurely trail there is the Webb Lake Nature Trail. This trail is a little over a half mile along the shore of Webb Lake and Swett Brook. 

Other than Hiking guests can go ATV riding, motorized boating, canoeing, camping, Cross-country Skiing, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Hunting, Off-Road Biking, Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing and Swimming. The lush forest has a long history of providing beauty and nature to all. It has truly become a Maine Treasure as Maine's largest state park and one of its most beautiful. If one is vacationing in Maine, or even in New England it is a must visit.